Ester Alessandrini

Ester Alessandrini

Scores for soloists and ensembles for the first 3 years of study and professional

I'm a piano teacher and working with guys for over 30 years. I write music suited to their ability to make them entertain, but above all to make them passionate.

Most of my works are suitable for students in the first 3 years of study but there are also some songs written for professional colleagues

I'm sure everyone can and must learn how to make music to become better people!

Новые ноты
Поп-музыка / Латино
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Классика / Балет
Can Can
Классика / Балет
Barcarola (from Tales of Hoffman)
Классика / Оперетта
Cha Cha
Поп-музыка / Латино
Salut d'amour
Классика / Пьеса
Two Hebrew melodies
Этномузыка / Еврейская
Renaissance dances
Классика / Инструментальная
Saint-Saens Chickers (score)
Классика / Транскрипция
Saint-Saens Kangaroos
Классика / Транскрипция